Demko bed system

Read about the revolutionary Demko bed insert system, which has been used as a medical device since 2006.


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Demko bed system

We spend an average of 6 hours out of 24 in bed, which would amount to 20 years during our lifetime. An astonishing fact and concurrently a yet unexploited potential for the cure and prophylaxis of locomotor diseases. This huge potential has been aimed at and successfully met as proved by solid evidence by the team of designers. The Demko bed insert system is the result of several years of research and development. Its matchless effects on health have been extensively verified by clinical tests and medical studies. The system has won many international awards and since 2006 has been extensively used as a medical device.

The biomechanical essence of the product is that the units of the double row slatted inserts with their very special finish and suspension are able to carry out vertical, transverse and torsional-rotational movement thus facilitating a three dimensional weight-dependent shift. As a result of this the support of the body lying on Demko bed system is even as proved by measurements. The compressive force per unit area (p=F/A) is minimal resulting in an ideal blood supply of the muscles surronding the spine and the area around the joints.

Clinical tests, experimental results and medical reports have proven that this structural solution to be an excellent means of prevention and treatment of

- Acute and chronic locomotor complaints
- Pain in the vertical- thoracic- and lumbar vertebrae
- Pain and numbness in the upper and lower extremities
- Lumbago, sciatica, disc hemiation and post operative conditions
- Vertebral and limb disorders
- Lower back and spinal pain

Furthermore it helps in

- Healthy development of the bones and spine
- Enhancement of physical performance
- Preservation of health
- Avoiding sleeping disorders, chronic headaches neurosis

Read more - Medical opinions

Clinical tests, experimental results and medical reports have proven that this structural solution to be an excellent means of prevention and treatment of vertebral and limb disorders. Its beneficial impact on your health, its dynamics, comfort and durability exceed the parameters of any other slat base or mattress


DEMKO slat base

The insert adapts perfectly to the shape of the prone body, supporting the spine along its full length, allowing the vertebral discs of the spine to take up an optimal position, thus decreasing the load strain and thereby ensuring that no harmful tension points develop.

The wooden slats are made from specially treated natural beech wood and have three or more flexible supports, positioned lengthwise.


Motor-driven holding frame with slat base in Greta double bed frame


The Demko bed insert system


Motor-driven Demko bed system


Staggered stripped slat base, type 2


Staggered stripped slat base, type 3


Supplied with either three stripped or staggered stripped bases to suit individual requirements. Motor-driven version is also available, allowing the head and foot sections to be adjusted separately.


The Demko system adapts uniquely to the shape of the human body

IMPORTANT! The slat base can only be used with the DEMKO holding frame (the slats may break if they are supported with the traditional side support or, the slat base will not work up to the expected standards if they are bent too much). The manufacturer will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by using the slat base without the holding frame.

IMPORTANT! If you have spinal disorders please study the Medical Opinions and consult your specialist. If you follow our advice, you will be content with DEMKO bio products and have a healthy spine.


DEMKO holding frame

The frame increases the efficiency of the ribbed insert by 30%. The holding structure ensures the optimal support on the slat base.

The holding sticks of the DEMKO holding frame create a divided frame. Due to their suitable distance from each other, the felted holding sticks provide a stabile position for the DEMKO slat base.

The distance of the felted holding sticks, i.e. the position of the supporting points of the slat base is an extremely important measure set according to the results of statistical calculation and experiments, which provide the best effect on the DEMKO bed insert system

Standard holding frame
Motor-driven holding frame