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Bedroom ranges

It is Nature who helps us to find the right track, leading us the world of beauty and magnificent materials. Demko Bio-programme is built on the use of these wonderful materials, the main qualities of which are clear and calm shapes, modest beauty and harmony, all beneficial to the human body.

The Demko Bio-programme starts with the most important scene of our natural daily recreation - the bedroom. The Demko bedrooms conceal confidential information and you are kindly invited to investigate. It is very important that the bedroom where we sleep should be aesthetic, leisurely and inartificial. The beauty of natural materials, the superior design and the practical functionality of the bed should serve one goal - complete night-by-night spiritual and physical recreation that is the ultimate turn-on. Demko bedrooms represent the natural desire of today's man to have access to the healthiest ways of living.

Wood is the gift of Nature. The purposeful designer can create joyous harmony between man and nature uniting them in one single artifact called Demko Bio-bedroom system. That is how the Demko bedrooms - Alexandra, Flora, Greta and Royal - were born. The growth of the newborn babies has been kept steady by the liking of the customers. These bedrooms do not only please your eyes but they have their eyes fixed upon you.

Their crucial part is the bed, where the Demko bed insert system and the Demko wool set together satisfy your prime demand - perfect sleep. The wide scale of available colors and the great selection of accessory pieces of furniture will give our customers a chance to fulfill their most intimate and personal desires.

Flora range
















The elegant Flora range always remains exciting. A special beauty, it creates a magical atmosphere and is the favorite of all age groups. The designer wanted to create a harmonious environment by using soft curves and generous rounding of the edges. The Flora range is unique because it can be manufactured with bio-paper based decoration bed insert, leather covered bed inserts or textiles harmonizing with the curtains, bed linen and pillows in your home. The inserts can be replaced as times goes by and our taste and mood change. The furniture range offers a wide opportunity for individuality.


Greta range

















The natural beauty of white beech, the solid unpolished glass and the metal free assemblage makes Greta one of the best examples of health-conscious modernity. It represents the latest trends with its delicate geometric and elegantly curved trellis-work. The Greta storage feature is eminently suitable for custom-designed wardrobes linen-closets. The variety of beds, chest of drawers, dressing tables, bed-end shelves and breakfast tables are convincing proofs of the variety within the furniture range. Creativity and individual fantasy create the ultimate experience.


Royal range




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Alexandra range








The Alexandra range is beautiful, comforting and fresh. With its arched silhouette and delicacy it becomes part of your home and fills the room with a light scent of beeswax. Its solid wood surface is treated with bio wax. You may choose from several different styles and prices. You can order the natural-colored or it can be colored to your specification. Custom-designed furniture is also available to order. Our wardrobe storage solutions have evolved to meet the needs and demands of modern living. There are always individual variations of color and grain.