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Read about the revolutionary Demko bed insert system, which has been used as a medical device since 2006.


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We have specially developed ranges for hotels, retirement homes and similar establishments. However, we are able to satisfy any individual requirement.

The most important part of a bed is the mattress, which is key to the quality of sleep. Most people are now familiar with the positive impact of good sleep on health, performance and regeneration.

One wish we all share is to sleep well. A night in the ideal bed significantly improves a businessmen’s ability to negotiate and his estimation of the hotel he stayed in. A good night’s sleep always encourages return visits from hotel guests.

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The following information, drawn from DEMKO surveys on sleep, should help hotel experts:

  • When judging hotel services, travellers attach great importance to good sleep and a comfortable bed.
  • 72% of those questioned clearly remember the quality of sleep they last had in a hotel bed. 19% cannot recall it exactly and only 9% said they did not mind the quality of the bed they slept in.
  • Over a longer period, we found people remember more clearly those hotels where they had bad sleep in a poor quality bed, or where they slept really well in a comfortable bed.
  • When asked whether they would prefer a better bed for their next hotel stay, all those surveyed said they would.
  • The answer to the “Better bed, higher price?” question showed that the majority of those asked thought it the hotel’s duty to provide a better quality bed.
  • 68% of respondents thought brand name important, 22% did not mind as long as the product was good, and 10% did not care either way.

For the past 20 years, the DEMKO brand name has been associated with the concept of quality sleep. In that time, thousands of DEMKO beds, mattresses and other items at hotels and smaller establishments have proven to be excellent.

The DEMKO Hotel Programme provides quality mattresses and accessories at competitive, favorable prices. The future belongs to latex mattresses. Latex mattresses made from natural rubber gum surpass in every respect spring mattresses and the qualities of polyurethane and viscose foams.

Ecolatex mattresses for the DEMKO Hotel Program

In the DEMKO bed system, we provide DEMKO Hotel Mattresses on a double slat base. Low prices make it possible to use these mattresses extensively and to improve sleep comfort significantly. Quality sleep is important and serves as an important means of competing for guests. If you choose the DEMKO bed system you can count on growing satisfaction from your guests as a result of good relaxation and refreshing sleep, and a growing number of return visits, leading to long term success.

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