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Medical opinions

Medical experts were involved in the testing of the DEMKO SYSTEM. The report made by Dr.Gabor Csengei, orthopedist and Dr. Janos Bagyo, head physician, say, among other things:

...The human spine is made up of 7 cervical, 12 dorsal, 5 lumbar vertebrae, the rump bone (sacrum) ossified from the 5 vertebrae and the 3-5 caudal vertebrae. These bones are of different shapes, sizes, weight and density-the latter is measured at bone densitometry-, and ligaments, joints, vertebral disks and muscles ensure the flexible yet solid link between them. To provide the metabolism of the spine, integrated into it are arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, spinal marrow and nerves out of it, which ensure the locomotive functions of the target organs’ muscles...

...During life, the spine also becomes worn out with time. To prove it –and it is measurable-, it is enough to compare the bones of a completely developed spinal column of a 25-year-old with that of a 60-year-old on an X-ray picture. The main deformations are excess bones or bone losses, changes in structure, deformation in the bony tunnels enclosing the blood vessels and nerves formed in an originally regular geometrical shape, the pathological displacement of bones from each other...

...The DEMKO SYSTEM elasticity and flexibility-measuring device measure at 16 points of the spine (from the occiput to the sectrum) the pressing force on the supporting surfaces, which pressing force comes from the weight of the various parts of the spine. Its measurable change is the vertical displacement of the middle part of the flexible body because of the slats. Its consequence from the point of view of the balance of forces (at a given moment the spine is static) is that the same force supports the spine. The important effect of the slat base is that it is not only the load on the spine that will become more evenly distributed due to the plastic-dynamic support, but also the body stretches out lengthwise, it stretches on the slat base...

...The remarkable significance of DEMKO SYSTEM is that the measures are easily reproducible during use, as opposed to other, ‘black box’-like beds and mattresses (water bed, fixed beds with built-in springs, mattresses and upholstery), where it is only possible to take measures before the production when the parts are not yet put together-in many cases only qualitatively and by no means according to the needs of the user.”

Dr. Gabor Csengei




“...The DEMKO system adapts uniquely to the shape of the human body, thus, on the one hand, makes its support even, and on the other hand by stabilizing this optimal situation, it protects the body and makes ideal relaxation, sleeping, regeneration possible. These qualities not only prevent the further deterioration of spine disorders, but, as prevention, they can make it impossible for them to appear at all...
...The DEMKO® SYSTEM elasticity and flexibility measuring method and device, developed for the DEMKO Mattress System, allow computer modeling and popularize the art of sleep...

...As a practising doctor who cures patients with locomotor diseases, I find the DEMKO SYSTEM elasticity and flexibility-measuring method extremely good, both at the prevention of spinal disorders, and their regeneration.”

Dr. Janos Bagyo
Specialist, Head physician