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Read about the revolutionary Demko bed insert system, which has been used as a medical device since 2006.


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Medical opinions

Read about what medical experts say about the impact of Demko bed insert system on health.

Wool products

Read about why Demko 100% wool and cashmere products are beneficial to our health.

Wool Products

The special "Silver" wool combines the positive medical effects of wool and silver. The silver ion (Ag) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria, algae and fungi in vitro.

One third of our life is spent in bed. We use our bed covers as a second skin. The quality of this second skin determines our sleep, health and everyday behaviour fundamentally.

The bed is also a main ornament of our bedroom, its spectacle and touch transports calm and clarity. Wool is one of the most ancient and natural materials. Its physical and chemical structure cannot be made artificially, its characteristics are unparalleled.

The Demko wool program offers the widest selection and the best quality for those who want to live a healthy life.



The unsurpassable wool

DEMKO wool and cashmere products have exceptional effects on sleep.

When using wool quilts, blankets and pillows, sleep becomes relaxing and regenerating because the human heart operates peacefully during sleep. (Figure 1.)

When executing comparison tests on the vapour-permeable (sweat) capabilities of different materials the superiority of wool was obvious. Click to enlarge

It takes up more vapour than polyester, nylon or cotton. Its exceptional feature is that it transfers moisture from the body into the air. (Figure 2.)

Clinical tests, medical and rheumatic professional opinions prove the unique effects of the high quality DEMKO wool and cashmere products on sleep.

What you need to know about DEMKO wool

Our Aloa Vera wool sets are impregnated with Aloa Vera.
Aloe vera extracts have antibacterial and antifungal activities. Aloe vera extracts have been shown to inhibit the growth of fungi that cause tinea. Aloe soothes and helps repair skin that has been damaged or that is suffering from a skin condition like eczema.

Wool is a living breathing material. Its physical and chemical structure is outstanding and that is why it’s considered to be one of the wonders of the world.

It drains away moisture and perspiration better than any other material while returning air to keep the body fresh and dry all night long, because wool keeps the body at a constant temperature.

Wool's climate control decreases the risk of pain in the joints, inflammation of the kidneys and catching a cold. Its delicate surface is covered by natural lanolin, which soothes the skin, relieves stress and has an anti-rheumatic effect. It does not cause allergic complaints because no dust mite can stick to it, which is great for people who suffer with allergic.

The DEMKO Wool Programme combines the excellent characteristic of wool, with thousands of years of experience of mankind and the latest research results. Based on their personal characteristics and desires, everyone may choose from a wide range of DEMKO products made of 100% wool and cashmere.

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High quality Demko wool sets


"Lama" wool set


"Patterned" wool set


"Alaska" wool set


"Florama" wool set


White "Standard" wool set


"White Normal" wool set


"Aloa Vera" wool set

This unique wool is impregnated with Aloa Vera!

"Silver" wool set

WORLD PREMIER! You only can find "Silver" wool at Demko!

"Royal Kaschmir" wool set


"Kaschmir Super Wash" wool set


"Standard Kaschmir" wool set